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I have been under Dr. Lendino’s care since the age of 6.  I am 24 years old now.  At the time, I had severe asthma which required me to use a nebulizer multiple times per day and restricted my ability to have a fully active childhood.  In an attempt to heal me naturally, my parents sought an alternative path leading them to chiropractic care.  After my first visit, I saw dramatic improvements and continued to visit Dr. Lendino, eventually leading to my asthma being fully cured!  He has changed my life for the better and I am truly thankful for what he has done! 

Robert R. East Meadow, NY, Lendino Sports & Family Chiropractic

I came to Dr. Lendino after breaking my neck. I had gone through physical therapy, epidural shots and was told I was a candidate for surgery. I was in debilitating pain with two cervical herniated discs pressing on a nerve sending pain, numbness and tingling down my shoulder and arm. I couldn’t sleep or function for that matter and was on oxycodone to tolerate pain. I did not want surgery and my boss recommended Dr. Lendino. I came to him three times a week for a month and was virtually pain free. We reduced visits to two times a week and I am actually back working out at the gym after a year without being able to exercise. His methods fixed me. I continue to see him and eventually will be on maintenance. I call him the Spine Whisperer. I am forever grateful. To top it off, he is a super nice, caring guy.

Michelle S., W. Islip, NY, Lendino Sports & Family Chiropractic

Several years ago, while Dr. Lendino was treating me, I had mentioned to him that my dad would be having major abdominal surgery.  On my following visit, Dr. Lendino, being the compassionate and concerned person that he is, wanted to know how he was doing.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t doing too well.  Post surgery, he had unstoppable hiccups.  His doctors tried every known thing to stop them.  Nothing worked.  Every hiccup was excruciating as he had a huge incision across his belly and back.  Dr. Lendino asked if I could bring him to the office.  I drove to Rego Park, picked up my dad and brought him to Hicksville.  Dr. Lendino did one adjustment and the hiccups stopped 100%.  It was a miracle!  Dr. Lendino is compassionate, concerned and dedicated to helping his patients.

Leo H., East Rockaway, NY, Lendino Sports & Family Chiropractic

I was suffering with a herniated disc and severe pain for over six months.  After an MRI, I was diagnosed with a severe herniated disc in the lower back of my spine.  Before finding Dr. Richard Lendino, I sought treatment from my PCP, an Orthopedic Surgeon, a Physical Therapist and a different Chiropractic office.  Each of these offices insisted that the only successful treatment for me would be surgery.  Wanting to avoid surgery, I was advised of Dr. Lendino and I made an appointment.  After a very thorough examination and a careful review of my MRI, I started treatment with Dr. Lendino.  I saw him twice a day for a week.  Then I went to the office every other day and slowly, twice a week.  After a month of treatment, Dr. Lendino was able to adjust my herniated discs back into place.  He has the most holistic treatment.  My back has never felt better.  I recommend this angel from heaven to everyone!

Terri S., Massapequa, NY, Lendino Sports & Family Chiropractic

I met Dr. Richard Lendino a few years ago when I injured lower spine playing golf.  Typically, I would rest for a few days and be fine, but this time was different.  The pain progressively worsened over the days and weeks.  I sought out care from my PCP and a Physical Therapist.  My PCP prescribed heavy duty prescription pills while the Physical Therapist had me coming into his office2-3 times a week without any results.

After weeks of pain pills and physical therapy, I decided to consider surgery.  I felt like I was out of options; I couldn’t walk, have intimacy or even sleep.  The pain had become so unbearable that I was willing to take any measure, even one as drastic as spinal surgery in order to enjoy my life again.  As a last-ditch effort, recommended to me by a friend, I went to Dr. Rich Lendino.

Dr. Lendino was confident that he could correct the subluxations in my spine and give me my life back.  I agreed to see him in his office every day for 4 weeks.  Little by little, I began to feel better.  I continued under his care for a few months until my spine had completely healed.

I truly believe Dr. Lendino saved my life.  I had never experienced so much pain and with a little time and patience, Dr. Lendino healed my spine without the drastic option of surgery and masking of pain with medication.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Lendino!  He is a phenomenal Chiropractor!

Randy N., Oceanside, NY, Lendino Sports & Family Chiropractic