Are Chiropractors real doctors?2018-05-21T22:38:31+00:00

Of course.  Chiropractors are very well trained doctors that and considered primary care doctors.   We must take a complete history and perform a thorough examination.  We either take our own x-rays and interpret them or script for them.  We must then formulate a diagnosis and institute the proper treatment for the condition.  In New York State, we can even draw blood and send it out for testing.

What is a subluxation?2018-05-21T22:38:40+00:00

Subluxations are displaced vertebrae that put irritation and pressure on the nerves that run between them. This in turn causes interference in the impulses between the brain and wherever that nerve goes to.  Chiropractors are trained to detect and correct subluxations.

If I start going to a Chiropractor, will I have to go the rest of my life?2018-05-21T22:38:22+00:00

I hear that many times.  It all depends on what the patient truly wants.  I answer the question by stating that if you ate healthy, would you have to eat healthy the rest of your life?  If you exercised, would you have to exercise the rest of your life?  Your brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves are the most important part of your body.  Is removing nerve interference important?  Remember, the nervous system even controls your immune system.  So it is up to the patient to determine how healthy they want to be.

Can Chiropractic help athletes?2018-05-21T22:38:12+00:00

Yes.  I am a trained and Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner (CCSP).  It is hard to find athletes today that have not gone to a Chiropractor.  From childhood, high school and college to professional.  Many Olympic competitors see Chiropractors.  If your nervous system is functioning better than your competitor, one tenth of a second can mean the difference between a gold medal or silver medal.

I don’t want to get my neck “cracked” but I am interested in possibly getting Chiropractic care. Are there other techniques available?2018-05-21T22:38:01+00:00

Yes. There are many gentle techniques available.  The audible noise that can be heard from certain adjustments is due to carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas escaping from a joint that is under pressure.  If the doctor deems that particular adjustment is not suitable for a certain patient or if a patient is not comfortable with that form of adjustment, as mentioned, there are many other gentle techniques we can employ.

Can chiropractors help with disc problems?2018-05-21T22:37:50+00:00

 Yes.  Many patients respond very well with Chiropractic care.  As a matter of fact, many patients have come to me as a last resort before considering surgery.  Fortunately, we were able to help many of those patients.  Proper history, exam and diagnostic testing will help determine the potential for a good outcome.

Can Chiropractic help infants and children?2018-05-21T22:39:17+00:00

Yes.  Infants and children have a nervous system also, don’t they?  A child’s nervous system doesn’t develop well until around age 7.  So if anything, their bodies may need a little more help to stay healthy.  Many parents dread the winter months while their children are in school.  Chiropractic can help reduce nerve interference in infants and children which may aid their immune systems.

Can Chiropractors perform Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)?2018-05-21T22:37:32+00:00

Yes.  Manipulation under Anesthesia is a non-invasive procedure performed by certified doctors.  As a certified MUA doctor working with another certified MUA doctor in a surgical center, our goal is to restore lost range of motion, flexibility of the spine and extremities and to reduce scar tissue in the soft tissues and joints. MUA doctors work in conjunction with an Anesthesiologist and a Nurse.  There are many indications that MUA can be used for.

I am pregnant. Can I still be adjusted by a Chiropractor?2018-05-21T22:36:36+00:00

Of course.  Many women get adjusted from conception right up until birth.  As you know, back pain is no stranger to women who are pregnant.  As the baby grows, the center of gravity changes within the pelvic (sacroiliac) joints.

Gentle techniques can help reduce discomfort and many times help with a more natural birth as we realign the pelvis and therefore the pelvic cavity.

Do Chiropractors work together with other doctors when it comes to my healthcare?2018-05-21T22:36:27+00:00

We certainly do.  Many times, we discuss or even sit down and go over studies with radiologists, confer with the patient’s primary care doctor, review blood tests and have dialogue with physical therapists regarding the patient’s condition.  We understand that many patients are under several doctors’ care and it is very important to be on the same page with other care givers.  After all, the patient’s recovery is always the number one priority.  

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